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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Tips For Renting Moterhome

This summer will be atypical. The coronavirus has changed some vacation habits of Spaniards, the vast majority of whom have decided to postpone making trips abroad and choose to discover new corners of our country. According to Indie Campers, the motorhome and camper van rental platform, this situation has favored national tourism, promoting nature tourism, the concept of micro vacations and the widespread growth of road trips as a safe travel option .

Tourism in a motorhome can be a very good option for those looking for flexibility, comfort and prevention. Traveling with the house in tow allows you to reduce costs, enjoy nature and feel more free. This type of travel has become popular in recent years, and last June, according to Indie Campers, the domestic demand for motorhome holidays in Spain grew by 130%compared to the same period last year. Renting this type of vehicle can be a very profitable option , but you have to know what to look for. The Skyscanner flight comparator collects a series of tips that you should take into account when renting your motorhome this summer .
1. space
The space of the motorhome is basic, your comfort will depend on it. Therefore, before embarking on an adventure, the first thing you have to be clear about is your needs. How do you imagine your trip? Where do you want to go? How many people will you travel? How many beds will you need?
The offer of motorhomes is very wide, so the more information you have the better you can choose and the more comfortable you will all be. If the vehicle is too small it can end up being a problem and, apart from generating discomfort, it can force you to do more things outside of it and spend more. Of course, keep in mind that the larger the size of the vehicle, the higher the rental price and also the fuel consumption.
2.Compare prices
The price of the motorhome rental varies depending on many factors, but mainly depends on the model, the season and the number of rental days. Yes, summer is the time when prices go up the most, so if you are not on time this year, remember that it is best to anticipate and reserve it months before.
Finding the price you are looking for will take a while, but it is only a matter of searching and comparing between different companies to find out what best suits your budget. Also, remember to calculate more or less the distance you want to travel because the cost of fuel can make our adventure more or less economical.
It is important that once you choose the vehicle you ask what equipment the rental includes. This may vary depending on the company, but the usual thing is that the price includes crockery, kitchen utensils, bed and toilet linen and even child seats. Sometimes you can get to get GPS, chains, fridge, camping table and chairs. And if it needs to repair then you may have some tools to fix it and for body you must have best dual action polisher for beginners. So it doesn't hurt to ask.
4.Driving license
The driving license is a document that, like the ID or passport, must be  renewed periodically . Although it seems logical to many, it is essential that before renting the motorhome you check its expiration date because you would not be the first to have a reservation canceled because their license was expired. Remember that you will need an international driving license if you rent the motorhome in a country that does not belong to the European Union.
5.Inform yourself about the insurance
This is one of the most important tips because having an accident or causing a breakdown in a motorhome can ruin your vacation. Although it is true that insurance is usually quite expensive, having to pay for a defect that does not fit into the basic insurance policy can be much worse. Even if you think you will not have any problem, you can never trust and less if you have never driven a large vehicle. It is advisable not to rent between individuals, because if there are problems you will not have a legal basis to support you.
If you decide to take a risk and not buy the insurance, it is recommended that you review and photograph every corner of the motorhome so that you are not blamed for previous damages.
6. Guide
Finally, we believe it is important that before starting this adventure you inform yourself or acquire a guide about everything you can and cannot do in a motorhome, especially with everything that refers to circulation, overnight stays and parking.


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