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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

How much does it cost to polish your car?



Don't change cars because yours paint is starting to tarnish. You can still give it all its shine by simply polishing it.

Auto buffing

The polishing self helps restore luster to the car body . This task is performed with a manual or electric polisher as well as specific products. Do not hesitate to carry out price comparisons to acquire your equipment at the best price.

Auto buffing is carried out in several stages:

- Washing : to remove all impurities on the vehicle body . 
- Sanding : it is sometimes necessary to lightly sand the body. Be careful not to pierce it when reaching the base of the varnish coats. 
- Polishing : carried out with a polisher equipped with a flat foam. Normal grain polish is applied to it by using best car polisher for beginners. Wipe the shiny area with a clean microfiber cloth to avoid letting the polish dry. Repeat this operation about three or four times for a crisp finish.

The price of car polishing

The price of car polishing varies depending on whether it is carried out by a specialist or by yourself . If the work is entrusted to a professional, count around 180 € for exterior polishing and around 400 € for full polishing, that is to say the interior and exterior of the car.

If you take care of it, count around $ 20 per product , that is, polish, polish, polish paste and polish wax. It is also important that you get real microfiber cloths to ensure a flawless result.





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