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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Muffle Your Car and Enjoy the Ride

Have you ever driven a car that is so noisy that you can hardly even think no matter hold a conversation? Have you been startled by a car approaching you from behind when it revved and roared? Do you own a car whose exhaust is so noisy you wish you didn't have to turn on the ignition each time you are about to go out? 

 Have you ever wondered why other cars can easily pass unnoticed whereas eyes and heads turn each time yours approaches and passes? If you have experienced any of the situations above, or you are a car owner still experiencing this embarrassment, the secret device you need to know about is the car muffler.

Car mufflers, sometimes also referred to as silencers, reduce the amplification of sound waves produced by the gases from your exhaust. Getting a muffler will prevent you being an environmental noise polluter.

A best muffler for v8 is simply a device that is installed within the exhaust of a car that prevents it from making loud noise when the ignition is turned on or while it is being driven. They are basically installed to minimise the amount of noise that is produced and then transmitted through the exhaust of a car during the process of combustion. 

A series of perforated tubes contained in the muffler serve to channel and nullify the vibration and transfer of sound waves. The design of the tubes and holes are such that the sound waves in essence cancel themselves out. The simple looking design is actually as fine-tuned as a musical instrument in the way that it deals with sound waves.

There are different types of car mufflers. They all help to reduce the noise by deflecting the excessive noise produced and containing it within the device. Some mufflers are designed in such a way that they absorb the sound and minimise the back pressure induced in the process. Absorption based mufflers like the glass pack, also known as cherry bomb, are less effective noise removers but are kinder to the engine. Conventional mufflers can have a slightly detrimental effect on the power of an engine.

Since the combustion process that leads to the production of these gases involves heat, and the gases produced are highly corrosive, car mufflers are designed using products from steel and are usually coated with aluminium. This manufacturing process ensures the longevity of the device.

It is important to mention here that even though the car muffler prevents the car exhaust from making excessive noise it does not solve exhaust faults. The gases released through the exhaust system, possibly containing carbon monoxide, are highly corrosive and pose a serious health threat to the occupants of a car if there are exhaust leaks into the cabin. Exhaust problems should be remedied quickly by a garage. A muffler should not be used as a quick fix for a mechanical problem.

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